A Short Migration

After nine years in the same classroom, I decided I wanted a change of scenery. So I have spent about 20 hours in the last week moving and settling into a new classroom that is only 100 feet away. Absolute craziness. I can’t imagine ever moving to another school. I have acquired a large number of things related to teaching over the last ten years, and it seems all of them, plus numerous student projects, old stereo equipment, books, curriculum materials, old textbooks, food never picked up during past food drives, posters, ancient computer equipment, and extra copies, ended up on one of seven cabinets that line one wall of the room.

The one thing I am loving is being able to do everything exactly how I want it. I wired my stereo all at once, hid the wires in the lowered ceiling, and even ran wires down the wall in a runner. My desk is set up exactly how I want it. My cabinets are nicely organized, with a clear system that defines what is in each one. I threw out five or six trash cans worth of materials I haven’t looked at in years, gave away several pieces of funiture, and nicely filed information from courses I don’t currently teach away.

I won’t be completely settled by Monday when the kids arrive, but it will be more then workable. I can’t wait to actually start working on curriculum.

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One thought on “A Short Migration”

  1. Congrats on making the move. Even if it’s just 100 feet down the hall it can still be time consuming. I understand that it took you 20 plus hours to arrange things. No one but a teacher or teacher’s spouse knows the extra time we put in doing the little things. I too threw out many accumuluated things. Wish I had had more time…I would have thrown out more.


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