PBS Consulting

PBS Teachers Advisory Group Member (2006-2010)
For the four years I served on the committee that the PBS Teachers Web Site team use to bounce ideas off of as they develop new features. In the summers of 2007 and 2008, I attended the annual advisory meeting at the PBS offices in Washington D.C.

PBS Media Infusion Blog

Curriculum Development Projects
Story of China (Airing Summer 2017)
Curriculum Writer
Educational materials housed on the Story of China website and the PBS Learning Media database.
Available Summer 2017

Show Me the Banjo (2011-12)
Curriculum Writer
Educational materials that are housed within the PBS Learning Media site (search for Banjo).
Film Site | PBS Learning Media

When Worlds Collide (2010)
Education Director
Educational materials that help connect the main concepts of the documentary to the lives of students.
Visit the Site

The American Experience: 1930’s / Civilian Conservation Corp (2009)
Curriculum Writer
Lessons that wrap all of the 1930’s American Experience documentaries together along with lessons specific to the 2009 Civilian Conservation Corp.
Visit the Site (1930’s)
Visit the Site (CCC)

WWII: Behind Closed Doors (2009)
Education Director
A series of short (snapshot) and longer lessons that focus on the various aspects of the Russian perspective of WWII.
Visit the Sit

Story of India (2008)
Educational Consultant/ Curriculum Developer
Six creative WebQuest-like lesson plans that span India’s long history, along with discussion questions, video clips, and long articles that detail many aspects of Indian history covered in the documentary.
Visit the Site

World Without Oil (2008)
Educational Consultant/ Curriculum Developer
Ten days of lesson plans that walk students through the main themes discussed in the original awarding-winning World Without Oil alternative reality game. In a simulation-style setting, students consider how the world and their lives would change in light of an oil shortage.
Visit the Site

Andrew Jackson (2007)
Education Director
A large collection of educational materials, from WebQuests to traditional lesson plans, designed accompany the PBS documentary. Site also includes numerous video clips and articles related to Jackson’s life and his presidency.
Visit the Site

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