In the last five years, I have

  • Had two kids (my wife actually gets that credit)
  • Changed preps four times
  • Learned about 900 student names
  • Graded thousands of essays, projects, and homework assignments
  • Presented at a dozen or so workshops/conferences
  • Wrote and compiled two 1500 page + curriculum guides for Modern World History and Western Civilization
  • Bought a house that needed a lot of work
  • Worked a lot on my house
  • Completed my MA in Educational Technology

Last night I completed my final two classes for my masters. The five years is a bit deceiving. For the first four semesters, I only took one class and then I took five semesters off over the five years (to prepare for children, write the books, start a new prep, and breathe occasionally).

As I sat down with the members of my final class last night for pizza and beer, I saw such a diverse group of individuals with amazingly different backgrounds and some great futures. I went through several “sets” of groups by being in a two-year program for five years. I think this set was the strongest and have development a handful of strong friendships that will no doubt have some staying power.

Now the question becomes, what next? At the very least, I get a raise. But is this the thing that will lead me out of the classroom? I don’t know at this point, it would certainly have to be the perfect job (and pay a lot more). For the meantime, I actually get to focus on teaching and on the projects I want to do. Good times.

5 thoughts on “Finished”

  1. I got my MA in US history. I have been asked about becooming a administartor about 12 times now.

    I would miss the kids. I would miss the stories. I would miss the chance to make a difference, which I am not so sure is something that today’s assistant principals get to do.

    I am a teller of stories, a maker of meaning, a singer of songs. And that is why I teach.

    I bet that is why you teach, too.


  2. I left teaching for the “dream job” once – the dream being more money. For me, it wasn’t worth it. I didn’t miss the headaches of crazy parents, grading, etc, but I missed the 8:00-3:00 with the kids everyday. The “dream job” was more routine, but certainly not as fun… although I did like getting to pee whenever I wanted =)


  3. Just wanted to say congrats on the MA. I also teach high school history and recently completed my MA. From reading a few of your posts it is obvious that you are a passionate teacher and passionate about history. Keep up the good work


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