The Upcoming Year

I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve. It is a time to look at what happened in the past year and what could happen in the year to come. While I am far from optimistic, I like to consider the possibilities and potential.

Some things I will be looking at this year…

  • On a personal level, my five year-old will be going off to the kindergarten and the youngest will be off to pre-school in the fall.
  • My wife and I will also be celebrating our ten-year anniversary.
  • At NECC in San Diego this July I will be presenting my Holocaust Wiki Project (after running it again in the Spring). Starting later this month I will start working on an article (that will hopefully be published) with Bernie Dodge at SDSU to complement the presentation.
  • I will explore the possibility of writing another article with another of my SDSU Ed Tech professors, Farhad Saba, on knowledge management for the K12 teachers. This was a topic I basically ignored until the last couple weeks of my program and then found that I am intensely interested in it. Expect posts on this as I explore it further.
  • In the Fall, I will get to teach my AP World History class again! Not that this year is going poorly (just the opposite), but it will be nice to have a foundation to build upon.
  • Last, and certainly least, my district is on a crash course with a strike. It will be a trying spring as we face tough decisions and consequences that will last for years.

Happy New Year.

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