Fighting the Fight

As the teacher-district struggles continue in my district, we are dreading the next few months. From our perspective, it appears that the district does not want to settle. They held a strike preparation meeting a few weekends ago with all of the site administrators and have expressed that there are two types of teachers within the district. There are the union people, who represent only a small percentage of the teachers. And there are the rest who will not support the union. While the s word has been mentioned, there are a number of steps that come first. The earliest any action could take place is October or November. No one wants to s, we just want to be treated fairly and want the respect we deserve as professionals.

My colleague and friend wrote a great article in the San Diego Union Tribune. She has captured the conflict as the teachers see it.

One thought on “Fighting the Fight”

  1. Sadly, this seems to be the trend these days; bully and beat the teachers. My district usually has contentious negotiations also and our “almost ready to retire” negotiators usually deal away contract language in exchange for a few more bits of silver in their purses when they retire, leaving the rest of us suffering under a lesser quality contract language.
    Your friend wrote a good letter; I hope she didn’t paint a bullseye on herself by doing so. Administrators will retailiate. I know from personal experience, having written letters to the editors and having spoken out at board meetings.
    Do you know a social studies teacher in the Grossmont District named Kent Holly ? If so, please let me know.


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