I’m teaching, really.

While my last couple posts are union related, I am still teaching. If my free time was not spent on trying to get a fair settlement (or graduate school for that matter), I might be writing about this extremely cool new project I am doing with my world history students. Basically they are creating a branching simulation (think choose your own adventure) about a family in the Holocaust. They have to come up with realistic decision points, describe the pros and cons, address the consequences of each decision, and fill it in with a narrative that reflects their research on the Holocaust. Now that in itself is pretty neat, but the REALLY cool part is that they are all (about 30 different groups), putting their branching simulations into a Wiki. Using a Wiki allows them easily create web pages (ever try to teach Dreamweaver and academic content), edit each others work, and easily link the pages together. I’d love to write more, but its 4:39 am and I need a little more sleep before my 4 year wakes me up to get ready for work in an hour or so. Look for yourself if you are interested. The students projects (still incomplete, can be access through the Period 1 and Period 2 links at the bottom. Don’t worry about the login, you have full access without it – you just can’t edit.

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