Throw out the lesson plan…

Thursday night I was coming down with a cold and was contemplating calling in sick. By the time I went to bed, I figured I should just go on in, it was going to be an easy day – a French Revolution timeline for world history and a causes of the Civil War activity for U.S. history – no problem. I could sit, grade some papers, and not over do it.


I decided that I should debrief the Bush/Kerry debate – after all I offered a little extra credit for students to watch it and then complete an assignment. As the discussion slowed down during first period I looked at the clock – 50 minutes had passed. Wow. OK, just this class. Didn’t happen. Each period we had very insightful discussions about the candidates, the issues, and the election. It was probably the best “interactive” day I’ve had all year. Now it is tough trying to be fair and balanced especially when a majority of the kids seem to lean VERY right. Luckily, I’ve been following this election so closely that I have the Democratic and Republican arguments down so when the kids accused me of supporting one candidate or the other, I was able provide the opposite argument.

Needless to say, I was tired at the end of the day, but the day went fast. I love my job, but some days, I love my job more than others. I guess I need to change my lesson plan calendars again.

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