Hello, my name is…

Over the last year or so I have contemplated starting a blog. I mean really, they are somewhat self indulgent, and if done properly they can be time consuming. Will I have enough to share, add, reflect on to actually make it interesting, etc.? Plus, I seem to be the typo king. However, in the end, here I am.

Instead of opening this blog up to the full spectrum of personal, political, and professional entries – which in some ways probably stalled this process, I have decided to use this blog to mostly reflect upon the things that happen within my professional life – a high school history teacher and educational technology grad student. That is not to say that I won’t occassionally throw in a story about my 3.5 and 1 year old boys, because man they’re cute. (In the last month or so the 3 year old not only high-fived a grieving widow immediately after a church memorial service, but also asked what museum I would put his bones in after he died).

The reflections here will focus around having almost 40 kids in each of my world and United States history classes, the process of integrating technology into the curriculum (WebQuests, digital video projects, Wikis, and Blogs), and experiences from my final year and a half (of five total) in the SDSU Educational Technology Department.

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