The Week Before

The week before the kids come has always been interesting. In the past it has been littered with team building exercises and attempts to institute the “latest” educational trends – usually with little success. This year’s process has seemed even more mind-numbing then usual. As we get ready to go through WASC again, we must reflect upon what we have been doing, should be doing, and what to do. Perhaps this is good, but it seems to be a repeat of our last WASC experience six years ago. Overall, I would say that the school has evolved, changed, digressed, or progressed very little. After eight years, the staff is still circling in the same pattern. That is not to say we are doing things poorly, lest some be offended. We do a lot of things great – better then most really, but no system is perfect.

For one who would like to see large-scale change, it is difficult. However, I know that is the culture of the school and don’t see any major changes in the near future. I guess I will continue to do what I can, then close my door and teach.

I do have to say that I have never been so prepared for the first day of school. My room is clean and organized and my lessons planned for the first month. All I have to do is input the students into my grade program.

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