Technology for Teachers – Key Concepts

I am currently revising a graduate-level Educational Technology class I teach at San Diego State University called Advanced Technology for Teachers. I spent a lot of time coming up with individual topics, but realized I needed some bigger topics that would define the key concepts I hope to get across.

After ditching my previous goals, I have come up with these defining concepts:

  1. Today’s students are shaped by the numerous technologies that are available. (Topics: Is Google Making us Stupid?, multitasking, digital citizenship)
  2. The role of social media in society and education should be addressed and utilized.
  3. Technology should not be treated as something separate or special, it represents a vast array of tools and strategies that can be integrated regularly. (Topics: Web 2.0 tools, Google Apps for Education, mobile technologies)
  4. A Personalized Learning Network (PLN) can change your perspective on professional development. A PLN can provide on demand staff development, amazing resources, and access to numerous teachers and experts willing sharing their expertise. (Topics: Twitter, Google Reader / RSS, and Podcasts)
  5. Technology tools can be used to help manage an educator’s professional (and personal) lives.

Anything missing? Any thoughts?

One thought on “Technology for Teachers – Key Concepts”

  1. I've taught Technology Tools for Educators – three semesters at the University of MN (all as an online course) – a couple of topics that generated a ton of chatter was the role of blended learning and the concept of the flipped classroom.  While, I personally, am not a fan of the flipped classroom 'sales pitch', I noticed that it led to a really robust conversation about your #3 goal.  In addition, I spend a week in the middle of the semester celebrating play and fun with learning, for the members of the class as well as with the students in their classroom.  
    A big part of the class also challenges the students to self-organize into Learning Teams where they research and investigate a topic of their own choosing over the course of the semester.  This group work mimics a PLN, in a very low stress, supportive environment.  I have found that it is a nice baby step into the world of networked learning for the teachers.
    If you would find it useful… I can send you a doc of the full semester of activities and such that I use… Enjoy the learning!


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