Twitter Overload?

First, one of the many ISTE / Ed Tech Truths out there, for now at least, is if you want to stay on top of the latest developments you have to be on Twitter. If you can join, follow, participate – great. If not, don’t worry you can still use it. Follow hash tags or one of the many educational “chats” that take place on just about every subject. You don’t even need account.

Now over the last five days, I’ve lived and breathed ISTE. From the Edubloggers Con on Saturday to the train ride to Washington DC to visit my sister (as I write this). And throughout all that time, I was always checking my phone or computer for #iste11 conversations. I think I’m going a little cross-eyed over it. There were times that hundreds of tweets were flying by in short bursts. Next to impossible to track, let alone catalog the amazing links and ideas.

In comes the tool that can help with all that. This delicious-like tool scours your Twitter feed for links. So, over the course of the last five days, when I didn’t have time to open up a link OR I opened it up and said WOW I need to keep this, I re-tweeted it. snaps it up and later I can catalog or delete as necessary.

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