Should Have, Would Have, but Didn’t

The emptiness of this blog gives me some guilt. I have great intentions, but something else always comes first in my constant shifting of priorities to get what needs to be done today, done. So here are three ideas that I have jotted down – in some cases even started, but never finished…

  • And the winner is…. Not me! While I was selected as Grossmont Union High School District Teacher of the Year (a great honor in itself), I was not selected as San Diego County TOY. I thought I had a good shot, but in the end it didn’t happen. Maybe I sold my staff development training experience too much, let my introverted person-to-person personality show through too much in the interview (as opposed to my in front of the class personality), or those who did win were just better (and they were inspirational). While disappointed, there was an upside, I got to get out of the spotlight and get back into all of the other priorities of my professional and personal life.
  • Drinking the Google Kool-Aid – Back in 2006 I did become a Google Certified Teacher, but since last spring I’ve been living la vida Google. I’m sure I’ll revisit this…
  • Accreditation Coordinator – I took over as our WASC Coordinator this year, got a little more than expected, but have used Google tools to organize it.

There were more, but I want to move on.

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