Class of 2008

Have a lot to say these days, maybe with school over I will have time. Graduation was today. Nice event as usual. I probably “connected” with more students in this class than ever before. This was my first group of AP World History students. It was the year we almost had to vote on a strike, the year we discovered my son had Celiac disease, and the year I finished grad school. This was also the group that I connected together through Moodle (all four classes interacted as one online group). I think I really helped create a great community within the class and I actively participated in it – showing up for online chats at 10pm the night before an exam.. Since moving the course out of Moodle to Wikispaces, we (myself and my AP teaching partner) haven’t been able to recreate it.

So why no sadness? Two years ago when they left my class, we were done. It was time for them to move up the ladder. Today as watched them walk across the stage, I knew they were ready for bigger things than West Hills High School. Instead of a handful of students heading off to four-year colleges as in previous years, I have dozens accepted. Berkeley, UCSD, UCLA, SDSU, Boston College, USD, UCSB, and many others will be receiving MY students. For the others who are starting at a community college, I have confidence that most will find their way to a university or other career. Isn’t this what we are all about, trying to guide our students to the future. I will miss them, but I am more excited for them.

Congratulations to the class of 2008. Collectively, you will do great things. Individually, make it happen. I would name names, but there are too many. I hope you know who you are.

One thought on “Class of 2008”

  1. You truly are an inspiring teacher. I think all teachers should have the same passions for helping students excel not just in the classroom but more importantly in life. I hope that when I begin my teaching career I can share that same desire for my students to succeed.


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