Andrew Jackson in the House

After seven months, hundreds of hours, the Andrew Jackson PBS Web site is live. It was an amazing experience and I will write more about this soon, but for now, go explore. I wrote all the lessons, Web Quests, theme descriptions, biographies, and the glossary.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Jackson in the House”

  1. Wow! What cool stuff! I haven’t looked at it all, but what I have seen is wonderful! I was especially interested in the Web Quests and, unfortunately, found I couldn’t access anything but the Introduction page. I hope that is temporary!


  2. Very impressive, I aspire to do exactly what you do. Teach, write, inspire and innovate. With a web design background and a teacher’s certification, the sky is the limit.

    Will add you to my blog list and link to your Andrew Jackson lessons on

    you have very lucky students. keep up the great work.


  3. I am a middle school social studies teacher in CT and am about to complete a portfolio for the state called the BEST, which all second year teachers must go through. The website could not have a bigger help, I was currently looking through some last minute resources and here I am. The amount of resources and the organization of it all is as good as it gets, thank you!


  4. Hi Dan,

    I finally had time to get caught up on some of my bloglines, and wow was I am impressed. This is great work. Congratulations. How many people did you consult with on your team to get that finalized and published? Do they provide the graphics and copyrighted materials? Is it all public domain? Your educational contributions are awewome. Great Work.


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