Recent Workshops

In the last week, I’ve done three workshops:

  1. Choose Your Own Wiki Adventure – This is a rehash of my NECC 2006 presentation, except that I’ve now added a support site. Still a work in progress, but it should be a better resource now. Presented at the SDCUE Tech Fair.
  2. The Ultimate Teacher Web Site – I’ve been wanting to share something like this for a long time. I think teacher web sites are an easy way to keep connected with your students and their parents. I introduce three web site platforms (WordPress, Wikispaces, and Google Pages) and some add-on tools (slideshare, etc.). It is unfinished, I’ll finish it – maybe. Presented at the SDCUE Tech Fair.
  3. Google: Beyond Searching – This is just an outline of the Google tools that could be useful in the classroom. It was a full day workshop I presented for my district.

4 thoughts on “Recent Workshops”

  1. I like your suggestions on ultimate teacher Websites. I have tested all three platforms you mentioned and I totally agree with you that they can provide the best solution at the moment. These are free and easy to use. I am waiting to see your final product.


  2. I really like your Ultimate Teacher Website wiki. The “things to consider” column is a great way to weigh the cons of a particular platform.

    One idea that’s teacher-friendly: I’ve been using VoiceThread for several class projects. In my opinion, it can be a lot like the narrated SlideShare option.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I’m in a technology for educators class and one of the sites we looked at was the one about wiki adventures! I’m so glad that you are sharing that with others because we all agreed as a class that it was a great resource for teachers to use!


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