Web 2.0 and San Diego Fires

When there are 500,000 people being evacuated, over 200,000 acres burned, all the local schools closed, and local news that has too much to cover – where are you going to stay informed?

Well, the local newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune turned to a blog at Blogspot when its own web site became sluggish and at times simply unavailable (I assume from the sheer volume of hits). They and our local PBS affiliate (KPBS) are also using Google Maps to show evacuation areas and the current placement of the fire.

Overall, this information has been easy to access and has allowed me to turn off the television and still feel like I know what is going on.

I’ve been lucky to be in between the two major fires. A good amount of smoke, but it appears that my home will remain unthreatened. Hopefully it starts to calm tonight and tomorrow.

One thought on “Web 2.0 and San Diego Fires”

  1. Hope you and your family stays safe during the fires. I’ve been watching the coverage here in Kansas City and you were one of the people I thought of when I first heard the news. We’re thinking of you.

    Eric Langhorst


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