Six Offices – No Keys

In preparation to teach a Saturday seminar on digital video at San Diego State yesterday, I had to acquire a key and security card to the computer lab. Seemed easy enough so I brought my six year old with me – I was going to make it an adventure. I parked off campus to avoid a ticket or paying for parking and hiked over to the Ed Tech office. There I got the form that would allow me to check out the key. It is a pretty hot day, so to head my son’s complaining off I bought him a small box of candy. Then I headed FAR across campus to the security office only to find out that I needed a faculty ID card to get a key. Now I had to get to the ID office, which was near where I parked. The candy was gone and we still had a lot of walking to do, so I gave him a piggy back ride. At the ID office I was told that I needed an authorization form from the department. Now my son was out of candy and patience. As we lumbered back over to the Ed Tech office, I now offered a treat from Starbucks. This bought me more time (my 45 minute errand was already over an hour and a half).

We got the authorization to get an ID card, headed back to that office. Took a picture – complete with with a sunburned face, and went to Starbucks to split a strawberry smoothie thingy. Next we walked off campus to the car, drove a little closer to the key office. Walked up a hill, got the key and security card and finally headed home.

But here’s the kicker. I show up and the security card doesn’t work. A SDSU police officer had to come turn the alarm off before I could unlock the door. Now I have to go back and get a new card.

Using Gmaps-Pedometer, I figured my six-year old and I walked about 2.5 miles to get into a classroom that still required someone to let me in. Here is our route.


2 thoughts on “Six Offices – No Keys”

  1. That’s quite an ordeal. One things for sure though, you certainly got some good “quality” time with your son and I’ll bet he’ll remember that day too. Good education for him too in how to handle the curve balls life throws(?)


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