Still Here, Still Thinking

Who knew that a baby would suck all my extra time away.  Throw in three major outside-the-classroom projects and all my “hobbies” – yard work, blogging, grading papers, etc. are put on hold.  I’m looking forward to finish the five drafts I’ve already started and sharing some new stuff.

Come back soon.

4 thoughts on “Still Here, Still Thinking”

  1. As I always tell myself, the babies are only with me for a time but I can blog as long as I am alive. Babies come first. I’ve found that during the nutty times that it is great to go with a digital recorder. Have you thought of podcasting your thoughts? Sometimes that is what I have to do!


  2. You and I seem to be in similar situations! I teach High School History and just went back to work Monday after 6 weeks of paternity leave. Being gone so long from class prompted me to begin blogging, so my first post is a brief write-up about what I learned while I was gone.


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