An Early Gift

OK, so my wife was pregnant again. It was a rough, high risk pregnancy that a couple doctors implied would not last. After several months of bed rest, the issue appeared to resolve itself. Over the last couple weeks she has been having a lot of low key contractions. On Friday, we had to rush her to the hospital and then after an hour of monitoring, discovered her past problems had returned and an emergency c-section was necessary. We went from let’s see what happens to seven people in the room wheeling her to the OR while I had to follow filling out the consent form.
Evin Paige

Ends up the lives of both my wife and my new baby daughter were at risk. Fortunately right as things fell apart, all the other pieces came together. Certainly makes me, once again, appreciate modern medicine.

At 33 weeks she came out screaming and was discharged with my wife on Christmas Eve. The baby had to be readmitted on Christmas day but comes home again today. She is a fighter and survived in a situation that others haven’t. Her name reflects that spirit. Plus she has two older brothers, she needs to toughen up quick!

It has been a long strange trip (dating back to the beginning of this ordeal), but we are thrilled it is finally at an end and we can start our lives as a family of five (this is it!). Time to start truckin’.

7 thoughts on “An Early Gift”

  1. Congratulations!

    I told my two-week-old daughter just before she got out of the intensive care nursery that every child was allowed to cause parents a certain amount of aggravation in a lifetime. Unfortunately, she had used up her aggravation quota in her first two weeks and would henceforth be required to go easy on our nerves. She listened.


  2. I am so happy for you and your wife. To quote Miss Melly in Gone With the Wind, “The best days are when babies are are born!” I will keep your family on my prayer list for continued growth and safety. She is simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing her with us.


  3. congrats, albeit a little bit late, on the new edition! She is absolutely beautiful. Of course, I’m a sucker for babies 🙂 I hope that both baby and wife continue to do well!


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