A Little Disappointed

After such a positive experience over the summer at NECC, I was hoping that my presentation would be accepted for 2007.  While there were some similar elements to my Choose Your Own Wiki Adventure presentation, I was planning on expanding it to include a variety of other wiki-based projects that the “regular” teacher could incorporate.

Unfortunately, it was not accepted.  While I will try and make NECC 2007, it will be harder to get someone else to pay for it and for me to leave my family (we will have another addition in early 2007).

My original plan included starting a wiki that would provide direction on how to implement wiki projects I’ve integrated into my world history classes.  I still hope to work on that project, but nothing motivates me more then a deadline.

Bummer.  Oh well, I do have a couple other very cool projects outside of my regular teaching job coming up in the next few months.

3 thoughts on “A Little Disappointed”

  1. I have been a fan of yours for quite some time. I loved your choose your own wiki site. I plan on sharing your powerpoint with some of my middle school teachers.

    Don’t get disappointed! Your “fans” are still in your corner!



  2. Dan,

    I’m sorry to hear that – I loved your presentation at NECC and I think your work on using wikis in the classroom is top-notch stuff. I’ll commiserate with you – I had a great experience presenting last year too, but also had my presentation declined. I hope you’re able to find a way to get to NECC, it really is a terrific conference.


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