Welcome to My New Home

After using Blogger for the life of my blog, I have decided to move over to WordPress.  I was planning to hold off on the move until I was able to modify an exisiting template to have a similar look and feel to the rest of my site, but I think I just have to move in now and change the design as time allows.

I will go into a lot more detail as to why WordPress is the way to go in an upcoming post.  This change also signifies my semi-regular return to blogging.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Home”

  1. I miss the old, gargantuan world map in the log.

    But welcome to WordPress.

    Your posts deal with a series of issues that have intrigued me for decades, literally. My first degree is in mass communication. Somehwere along the line I had a great class in television production with an old-line TV guy who left us with the charge that his generation had failed in television. He told us television is a powerful medium for educating people, and he pointed to the early days of TV when RCA/NBC had Toscanini as the conductor of its official orchestra, and classical music on Sunday nights. He pointed to the effects on U.S. policy of putting the Vietnam war on television every night. And he noted that television was descending into the trivial, the unimportant and the banal, to the exclusion of the good and noble. His words came back to me years later when I was responsible for automating the research arm of the Department of Education, where we had a “technology demonstration” arm for visiting teachers to see. The machines were great, but the software was sparse, and teachers trained to use half the software were nowhere in sight.

    Now, years later, I teach in the public schools. We have better technology, really — but the software is way behind, the hardware is often missing, and the integration of hardware, software, and the ability and skills of the teachers is worse than hit-and-miss.

    Technology probably can make education much more efficient and effective. You’re in a better place to make that happen than I am.

    Good luck!


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