Ask the Mentor – Published!

My column in Teacher Magazine has been published online and will also be in the print version that is being sent out soon. You have to register to read my responses to submitted questions (maybe yours?). Access the article here.

Still treading water. Here are the items consuming my life

  • The first two months of AP World needed to be completely redone.
  • I’m finally getting around to revising much of my college prep world history curriculum.
  • I’m focusing a lot more on student achievement and making sure students are learning.
  • I’m teaching a one unit graduate-level seminar on digital video at SDSU in a couple weeks (in San Diego? There are seats left. Interested, click here).
  • NECC 2007 presentations are due tomorrow.
  • We are implementing a professional learning community (PLC) this year in world history.
  • I’m teaching five technology integration workshops in October and November.
  • Add it all together and I have to leave my classroom 12 times first semester for school-related reasons.
  • The Padres made the playoffs, and might actually advance 🙂
  • The lawn needs mowed.
  • Life at home is particularly crazy…. perhaps more on that soon.

In other words, I will be back, but blogging is last on the priority list. I still need to fine tune what I’m teaching today.

4 thoughts on “Ask the Mentor – Published!”

  1. I have just read your article and I couldn’t agree more. The internet is the way forward and the sooner teachers embrace it the better. Weblogs are a great idea and give the children a chance to interact with the outside world.

    I had heard of Moodle, but after your article I think I will give it a go.


  2. I won’t comment on the Padres advancing because I’m sure you saw the game last night…(Let’s go, Cardinals!!)

    But I will say that PLC time is one of the best things that’s happened at my school. I don’t feel as if my department uses it like we should, but I love the idea and hope to make it more what it’s supposed to be in the future.


  3. You recommend using e-mail to contact parents. Great. What do you do if some parents (like half) don’t have e-mail? Don’t laugh; that’s the case in many rural counties in the midwest. What do you do if only one set of parents don’t have e-mail?

    Speaking of the midwest, btw, you wrote “the lawn needs mowed.” Are you from the midwest?



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