Fighting MS…

bren-annMy wife, Brenda (on the right), has taken up a very worthy cause that hits close to home. Her sister, Ann, has been battling multiple sclerosis for almost nine years. Last year my wife walked the local San Diego MS 5K Walk with her sister and together they raised almost $1500. This year, Brenda wanted to help even more. She has decided to tackle the three day, 50 mile MS Challenge Walk. By committing to this event, she has shown her dedication to helping her sister and helping find a cure for MS. This year she has agreed to raise at least $2500. She details her motivations on her MS Challenge Walk web page.

If you would like to help her, you can donate directly on the MS Challenge Walk web page. Or if you would like to see any donations you make matched (*see below) by her sister’s employer, you can e-mail Brenda at for where to send a check. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

I am very proud of my wonderful wife and I thank you for reading.

* Ann’s employer has agreed to match any funds donated by Ann directly. Therefore, if you would like to give directly to Ann (through my wife), she can get your donation doubled. If you do it this way, however, you will not get an official receipt from the MS Society.

One thought on “Fighting MS…”

  1. My best to you and your wife, and my hopes and prayers to her sister. My sister has been dealing with MS for several years. She is wheelchair-bound but still tough as nails. We will be doing our fifth MS walk next month.

    My classroom has a line of “Walk Sneakers” running across the white boards, as I am blessed with many generous colleagues (and a number of students) who contribute to our walking each year.

    Adding you to my blogrolls as you read this…

    All the best.


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