Busy Week

It’s not easy being super mutliple-tasking man. Wednesday I finished a video for one of my grad classes. For Thursday, I developed a great lecture on the convergence of Islam and Hinduism in India in the early 1000’s (that led into a discussion as to how those initial interactions impacted the relationship between the two religions in the region today). While delivering that lecture to my period four class, I was visited by the superintendent and school board president. They sat in for about 10 minutes. Mind you, they are the enemy. After their visit, I began working on my letter to those two men, but found I had other more immediate priorities. Today, I graded essay outlines all morning while my classes worked independently and had numerous and short conferences with various students about their writing. Now, I’m putting together my presentation for the SDCUE Tech Fair tomorrow morning, on guess what, blogging in education. After my 8:30 am presentation, I am running off to a funeral for my wife’s aunt, before I return to the fair. Then I have to grade two weeks worth of textbook notes for the AP classes.

Not that I’m complaining. I’ve done this to myself, for the most part, and need to accept the consequences. Unfortunately, I have so much I want to write about (the superintendent visit alone has me fuming and, for the first time in years, I am struggling with classroom management in one of my classes – it is an odd feeling for me) and just do not have the time.

Once the masters degree is done – oh yeah, I passed the comps.

2 thoughts on “Busy Week”

  1. Geeze, did you know those folks were going to show up? Did they let you know WHY they were there, or did they just want to see an AP class in action? From what I have read in the newspaper about your board (right-wing, Christian slant?) It sounds like you had a fun topic for them to listen to.


  2. Ha, My very first day of teaching in my district the supe sat in on my class… for about 113 seconds, because we had not AC in a building with no windows, it was about 145 degrees Centigrade, and he was a diabetic.

    Never saw ’em again. Adios, amigo!


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