It’s tough…

being a San Diego sports fan. I’m not a sports fanatic by any means, but I have consistently (even when they have had miserable seasons) followed and cheered on the Padres and the Chargers. There was ’84, when the Padres beat the Cubs – only to be smashed by Detroit. Then there were the ’94 Chargers – who were smashed by the 49ers. The ’96 Padres were swept in three by the Cardinals. ’98 was a good year; the Pads won the division series, then the NL Pennant – only to be smashed in the World Series. Of course, there are all the dismal years in between…

This year was particularly tough, we got to watch the Padres flounder all year. Lucky for us, the other teams in the NL West were really bad. This series against the Cardinals was representative of the entire year – a few mistakes, an inability to hit in clutch situations, and always trying to dig themselves out of a hole. Maybe next year?

Now if I were from New York or Atlanta, I’d probably be bored. Winning that much must make the fans complacent – they probably even feel entitled. I should do what many other San Diegians have done over the years – adopt a winning team. Let’s see, go Angels? Or maybe Houston? They are MY team, this post-season.

Speaking of San Diego, winter is starting early this year. Last night it got into the 50’s.

One thought on “It’s tough…”

  1. Being from Atlanta, I wouldn’t say that we are bored. Jaded, yes, but not bored. The real excitement is guessing just in what creative new way we will collapse in the playoffs. 18 innings, got give us style points this year. But always the bridesmaid, never the bride gets old. Fourteen trips to the playoffs…one championship. As soon as the Astros tied it up on Sunday, I knew we would lose. Alas. Bring back Sid Bream.


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