Won’t be doing that again

Just finished my comps exam. While I maybe didn’t nail both questions, I know that I did well. While I appreciate theory, I can’t say that I enjoyed it. For me, there are few things more tedious then writing a research paper, except when it relates to history.

The weekend was less then enjoyable. It started on Friday with my wife’s 4:00 a.m. allegeric reaction to her sinus infection medication. Then over the weekend we discovered that we had a little friend living in some our kitchen cabinets. We washed everything and moved it into my closet, until we catch the little bugger or seal off his entrance (a hole under the kitchen sink). Having spent Saturday and Sunday in isolation in my classroom, I look forward to a little family time this afternoon. After that, its time catch up on my grading, lesson planning, and class work (I still have to finish the semester to get the masters!).

Now, I did get a comment about being lucky that it was a “take home” exam – I wish it would have been over in a few hours. Instead, it was 72 hours of stress. As the time increased, the expectations increased!

One thought on “Won’t be doing that again”

  1. The strangest tool I ever used to rid my house of small, univited guests was a Shop-Vac. The only problems were that it requires actually seeing the critter, quick reflexes, and figuring out how and where to release it…


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