Big Sky

Bret’s Wedding in Montana
Originally uploaded by dmcdowell.

Years ago I read a book that took place in Big Sky, Montana. I forget the title, but it focused on the early settlement of the area, ranching, and a families struggle in the region.

Yesterday, I arrived in Big Sky for one of my college friend’s wedding. I see how the settlers (or maybe Native Americans) named it. It is amazing how quiet Montana is, how many stars you can see, and the number of trees NOT planted by people. Until my first son was born, I made a point of getting out in the “wilderness” as often as possible. As a kid my parents took us all over the western United States. Once in college I did it with friends. Once married, my wife and I did some amazing trips in California, Oregon, and Washington. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough for us to do some serious camping and traveling.

Urban life is certainly different. Hey, if it weren’t for the low population, cold winters, and lack of amenities, Big Sky might be great place to live.

2 thoughts on “Big Sky”

  1. It is a beautiful place to live. The winters aren’t horrible and this time of year is absolutely beautiful and makes all the negatives worthwhile. It took us awhile to fall asleep without noise but now we can’t fall asleep with noise. It’s amazing how you adapt. Visit often – September is the best!


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