Workshop #3

I completed the last of three workshops (Technology Integration into the Social Studies Classroom). Amazing how fast six hours can fly. As I did yesterday, I over planned. I intended to do the traditional WebQuest on WebQuests and a short Blogging WebQuest, but simply didn’t have the time. I only had five people today, but we really kept the energy up for the whole session. The candy I brought probably helped.

I have done variations of this presentation (though usually not for more than a couple hours) over the years and one thing that has made this year stand out more than the others is the evolution of the technology. The concept of online communities is a theme. Whether it is the students and their myspace, livejournal, or deadjournal friends lists or the edubloggers out there who find themselves looking and commenting on the each others blogs or the community that will no doubt grow at QuestGarden in the coming years. It is just very cool.

Throw in the fact that the technology to create a web presence has simplified. No longer do you have to know how to make a web page to make a web page. I remember saying when Geocities got big that anyone could make a web page, but really you needed to know how to make a web page. Today is different. Blogs, wikis, and content management systems have simplified the process. I certainly wouldn’t be blogging if I had to do it in Dreamweaver. It’s not that I couldn’t do it, it just wasn’t easy enough.

I think, really for the first time, that all of the participants could realistically implement one or more of these technologies.

Some days I could be tempted to leave the classroom and to work with teachers, especially after a week like this one.

Nine days until I report back to school.

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