Happiest Place on Earth?

Hmm. It was actually pretty hard work to keep going all day and night at Disneyland the last couple of days. We managed, but we were definitely wiped out when we came home. As you might expect, the kids had a blast.

On our first official family vacation in a year and the first in which we stayed in a hotel (instead of with family), we spent two long days at Disneyland and California Adventure. I am impressed with how sophisticated Anaheim and Disneyland have become. That is certainly a city that has grown up around a single attraction.

While I was moderately disappointed with California Adventure, I was impressed with the multimedia presentations. The Bugs Life movie was 3D, had smells shot at you (by a stink bug), it sprayed you with acid (water) and filled the room with fog, and had seats that stung (gently poked) you. Very cool. There was also an interactive presentation with Crush, the turtle from Finding Nemo. He was on a big screen, talked to the kids and parents, answered questions, and taught my kids to say dude. These were certainly a couple of my highlights.

I did ride the California Screamin’ coaster only a few hours before it crashed. That would have been a bummer. Didn’t even know it had even happened until we got home.

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