The Kite Runner

Just finished the Kite Runner. An amazing book. A must read for any world history teacher, and anybody else who wants to gain some insight into the troubled Afghanistan. In the face of the debacle that is Iraq, it seems we have collectively and nationally forgotten about the first country we invaded after September 11, though this one was truly justified. This book brings you through the heartache that the people of Afghanistan have experienced from the Russian invasion to the Taliban. Plus it tells a story that is compelling. It attacks Islamic fundamentalism (the Taliban) while showing moderate Islam as a religion of faith. This book should do more for understanding Afghanistan then any CNN or Fox news report.

While I don’t read as much as I would like (kids, graduate school, teaching…), this book is right up there as one of my recent favorites with Life of Pi and Year of Wonders.

2 thoughts on “The Kite Runner”

  1. Thanks very much for the tip. I took a break from reading this summer to catch up on periodicals; I’m now ready to jump back into a juicy book. This fits the bill.


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