Summer Workshop

For the first time ever, I am actually attending a summer workshop. Since finishing my student teaching now ten years ago, I have taught or helped teach a summer technology workshop for teachers every year but one. Now, I’m still doing the tech workshop in a couple weeks, but this week, I get to be the student.

After two days of an AP World History institute with three more to go, I can honestly say I’m overwhelmed. Teaching college prep is no where close to an AP level class. And while I was a honors student in high school, taking the highest classes offered, my high school only offered a single AP class in English (15 years ago). I predict that I will be working a lot this school year (throw in 6 units of graduate work, comps, and the family).

More later.

3 thoughts on “Summer Workshop”

  1. And stress taking the test to your students. Why work so hard for them and not get the feedback from their scores? I offer my Calculus AB students the opportunity not to take a final exam if they take the test. So far all of them have bought in to this offer.


  2. I’m afraid of going to those AP sessions. I might find out I’m doing it all wrong.

    I haven’t heard from my students yet, but the AP scores should be in any day now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


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