The Joys of Summer School

Really. Other than the fact that I would rather be home with my family, the teaching part of summer school is nice. I’m teaching United States history to kids who mostly want to get ahead. There are a handful of students repeating the class, but they are going into their senior year and they have learned a little humility.

The five hours flies by. In any given day we do 4-8 different lessons. This keeps them (and me) interested. This year I have a particularlly good class made up of my former world history students and AP kids wanting to avoid the very difficult AP United States history class. Already we have had great discussions and it is only day two.

It helps that I taught US History last year in summer school and three different times during the regular school year. I actually have ALL of my planning dones and copies made. That is quite a feat for me.

Plus, I’m done at 12:30. Time to head home and see the kids!

One thought on “The Joys of Summer School”

  1. On top of all that, you’re earning a few extra bucks!

    Due to budget cutbacks, we have no summer school. If you fail in our district, there’s no option other than repeating the course the next year. Seniors included.


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