It just hit me.

I signed my first yearbook today. It was for a graduating senior that took my humanities class a couple years ago. He was one of the better students and was never afraid to speak his mind. Since he took my class I have seen him grow up, evolve into a young man. While he still speaks his mind, he can do with more authority and background.

For the first time this school year, I actually felt that the end was close. Even though June 9 has been stuck in my mind, it didn’t seem real.

I seem to have loss issue. Usually at the end of each school year, I get sad. Sad that my current classes are moving on. Sad that my former students are graduating (hopefully, at least). The last couple years haven’t been like that. While I have enjoyed my classes, I haven’t loved them. With my family growing, I seem to have a little less to give at school. The exception is my humanities classes from two years ago. That class was like no other I have taught. It was blocked (something my school doesn’t have across the board). I co-taught it with an English teacher who became a good friend. And we experimented and pushed the students and generally had a good time. Many of the students, even those who seemed miserable at the time, have since come back and praised the class. Unfortunately, last year enrollment was down and we only had one block instead of two and the calliber of the student decreased significantly. Then my friend left the state to continue her education.

So in a week, I will watch walk across the stage and will probably be a little sad. But then, I forget about school for a little bit and go spend some quality time with my wife and two very cool boys.

One thought on “It just hit me.”

  1. A lot of people experience ‘the end’ at different times. I have the same problem oh so often and for me it came extremely early. I am a student and am glad to see teachers feel close to the same things we do at the end of the year.

    Love your blog!


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