It’s over, sort of…

There is still three weeks until the end of the school year, but on Tuesday I finished up the term for my masters program. This semester proved to be the busiest of my life. Between teaching my classes, implementing the Holocaust Wiki Project (part of my coursework), taking care of my sick children, various contract work I do (creating and maintaining web pages), my big grad project (which I spent 75+ hours on), class until 10:00 on Thursdays, and the union-district tensions, I found little time for anything fun or relaxing.

Now I look forward to catching up on some yard work, hanging out with my family, see some friends, reading a couple books, and finishing some projects I started and never finished. It’s nice to breath again. I might even blog more than once a week or so. Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “It’s over, sort of…”

  1. My last day is next Thursday, May 26th. Then, I share your sentiments in the second paragraph. I’ll be doing the same exact thing.


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