Taking a breath.

Today I took a group of my United States history students down to the San Diego Harbor to tour the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrrier. Another teacher was handling the details (I organized an trip earlier in the school year), so all I had to do was, well, go. To some one who is already experiencing high levels of stress, I couldn’t handle just going. I mean, when I am I going to be productive. I have work that needs to be done during passing period, at lunch, after school – when was I going to do all those things on my list. Amazingly, spending a day in beautiful downtown San Diego with no strings attached was hanging me up.

Well, we just got back. I did bring some work, but I didn’t even think of taking it out. The audio tour of the Midway was great. We got to wander around a ship that spent 50 years cruising the world. Plus, you can throw in perfect weather (low 70’s with a cool breeze), a nice lunch outside, 53 perfectly behaved kids, quality time with a couple collegues, and a ben and jerry’s ice cream cone to top it off.

What a great day. I definitely needed today. Let the rat race continue when I push Publish Post.

Looking from the front of the Midway towards downtown.

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