The times are certainly changing, everyday

My students are currently neck deep in my Strategies of WWI Wiki-WebQuest. Right now they are figuring out what weaponry and tactics they will be using to either defend or attack their assigned enemy. To regulate what they can do, I have given them a number of supply points for each round. Just a minute ago, one student approached me, with her cell phone in hand, and asks if these points are like roll-over minutes for the next round. It made me smile.

Yesterday I saw a student with one of those key chain pets that you have to feed, pay attention to, etc. I told her that is was so five years ago. I can remember confiscating a number of those at least five or six years ago.

One of the cool things about being a high school teacher is watching the evolution of popular culture. For nine years now, I have watched teenagers buy into the latest fads wholesale and help drive the movement of the moment, for the moment. Until the next thing comes along at least.

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