The Most Disrespectful Child…

This blog has been far more serious (political) then I intended.

So let me throw this one out there. My three year old went to preschool for the first time three weeks ago. It is only once a week, but he is very particular. He likes certain things, certain ways. He likes to do things his own way. So we were worried. The first week seemed to go most well.

However, the second week was a different story. First he woke up a 5:00a.m. – and his mood reflects it. My wife said he seemed pumped, ready to go and listen and “make good choices.” We she picked him up 2.5 hours later, the teacher said that he was “the most disrespectful child she has ever had.” Wow. That’s big. Apparently he openly and immediately defied her several times.

First off, as a teacher, I would never say that. Second, my child – yes, my son, was that bad. You can imagine our devastation. We are well educated, very involved parents. What went wrong?

Well, he lost most of his privileges (computer, the little TV time he actually gets), and library books (he still has a million of his own), while gaining some serious room time. No doubt his behavior was in part due to his wake-up time. So a week went by focusing on listening, sleeping, and basically being good. Then he got sick so he couldn’t go.

After a restless night (for his parents), finally the day came. And, he was perfect. Well, not quite. But good enough, he is three. Hopefully it continues.

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